Megan Is Missing fucked me up for a good week or so. I strongly recommend it for any person who doesn't think it's all that important to be cautious about who you talk to online.

That shits fucked up.

Hi iam looking for a really kick ass horror movie to watch with family Any recommendations?

Depends on what you are looking for. Try going through my list:


The dinner scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was even more brutal than it seemed, given the nightmarish circumstances that the actors went through when filming it. Imagine being shut in a Texas house during 110 degree heat for 27 straight hours with no air conditioning, and all of the windows are covered to keep the light out. Not to mention the lovely aroma given off by the piles of rotting meat.

The smell was so bad, crew members were reportedly vomiting and passing out. Edwin Neal who played the hitchhiker said that if he ever saw director Tobe Hooper again he might kill him because "filming that scene was the worst time of my life… and I had been in Vietnam, with people trying to kill me, so I guess that shows how bad it was."